Technical Facilities


Facilities at 18 Doordarshan Kendras of 18 different states:
On behalf of Ministry of Agriculture, Prasar Bharti has awarded us the prestigious assignment of Production of Agriculture News (5 Minutes) and Mandi Bhav (3 Minutes) bulletins, which is being produced and telecast from 18 regional Kendras of Doordarshan and CPC Delhi.

To produce the program at regional level we have set up Well-equipped Production Centers in following places:

(i) CPC Delhi
(ii)  Ahmedabad
(iii)  Thiruvananthapuram
(iv)  Bhopal
(v)  Shimla
(vi)  Guwahati
(vii)  Srinagar
(viii)  Jaipur
(ix)  Kolkata
(x)  Bhubaneswar
(xi)  Lucknow
(xii)  Patna
(xiii)  Mumbai
(xiv)  Bangalore
(xv)  Chennai
(xvi)  Hyderabad
(xvii)  Jallandhar
(xviii)  Ranchi
(xix)  Raipur

Technical facilities at 18 Regional and New Delhi:
(Audio/ Video)
STUDIO FLOOR Centrally air conditioned acoustically treated soundproof studios with a specially treated floating floor.
CAMERA - Digital Camera Units
- Betacam camera units
- DG beta Cam Units
- PD 150 and 170 Series.
- DSR 200, 300 and 500
EDITING A/B roll editing consisting of digital series recorders with special effect machine magic Dave and other related accessories. A/B Roll editing consisting of broadcast series Betacam, DG Beta and DV recorders and players. ADO 100, VISTA Switcher for special effects.
Betacam pro series editing with special effects 2000.
NON-LINEAR EDITING Final cut pro editing system for DV editing on Apple machintosh with all effects.
MEDIA-100 Non-Linear editing system with software “FINSH” & “ AFTER EFFECTS” and all other related software. Velocity.
TRANSFERS i) Digital to Digital to Betacam
ii) Betacam to Betacam
iii) Degi Beta to CD
v) Betacam to VHS
vi) VHS to VHS
viii) VHS to CD
ix) Beta to CD
AUDIO RECORDING i) Spool to audio cassette
ii) Betacam
iii) Dubbing
iv) Spool to Beta transfer
v) Spool to audio cassette
ii) 2D graphics
iii) Titles with inscriber (rolling titles)
iv) 2D graphics with inscriber
AUDIO STUDIO 1. Pro tools Digital Design- 02
2. TASCAM Digital Mixer- 02
3. DAT Player (TASCAM)- 02
4. Genelec Speakers- 02 + 02
5. U 87- Mike- 02
6. Acoustically treated floor
7. Sound room
8. Tascam cassette deck recorder- 02
And all other necessary equipments to ensure broadcast quality production

Outdoor Infrastructure of Video on Wheels:

- 20+ years of experience
- Worked with who's who of various industries be it consumer durable, FMCG's, Non-durable, Social Organizations, and Services etc.
- VOW operates through four Marketing & Five operating offices in India with staff strength of around 400 people.
- Every functional aspect, be it- Marketing, operations, Research & Route planning, Technical, Maintenance on even the field force are fully competent professionals with years of experience in the respective areas.
- In-house capacity of 50 LCV's with equipment.
- Resources and Vendors to provide any kind of infrastructure required.


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